2013 – I DID IT MY WAY.

de crisuadi

I started to work professional comic books in November 2012 . By professional , I mean with a script from a writer . The writer was Martin John. The story „Music Box” – 5 pages . „Dying for a meal” was the next story with Martin John – 8pages .

The next writer comes with a powerful desire to be in the comic books industry a nice figure and a great name . The name is Kelly Bender . First story „The Other Half” , just six pages for an editor pitching . „What Was Once Yours Is Mine”, a short mute story  followed – 5pages . The story was published in a creator owned anthology by Evil Moose Publishing. The work with Kelly went on with a special western story in 24 pages , named „Hang Low Aim High” and I’m still working on that story . It’s special because I use watercolors direct on the pencils and after that I ink .

Early in January 2014 I will finish „Hang Low…” and „Xibalba” will be the new work with a new team . The new writer is Chuck Amadori . I’ll do pencils and ink and the colors belongs to Nimesh Morarji. – 22pages first issue .

I also did a 5 pages project from Wes Locher .

53 comic books pages , one story published and another one will be published next year in January . That’s all I did in 2013 in the comic books field!