de crisuadi

It was love at first sight with „Schoolyard Monster” , a story written by Frank Martin .

It has a good suspense and the story flows spectacular . Besides spectacular the story has a profound psychological content . I just loved it .

The story was published in an anthology named „Modern Testament – vol 2” by Insane Comics and yesterday I found on https://www.ap2hyc.com/2016/08/review-modern-testament-2/ a short review of „Schoolyard Monster”  a short review of the tale :

<< „The first tale in the book, “Schoolyard Monster,” deals with Joseph, a bullied kid at school, who suddenly finds a golem in his yard one day. Things escalate from there as Joseph’s golem takes on his bullies. The illustrations, done by Adrian Crasmaru, are in a distinct style. The colors are similar to water color, often bleeding into each other, while the outlines are thin and detailed. Crasmaru brings out every little detail in his character’s expressions, and his water-colored colors give the tale an almost abstract quality. Frank Martin, meanwhile, experiments with different styles of narration here, as the whole event is told primarily in a flashback. The result is a haunting, hair-raising tale.”>>