About Crisuadi

This is a blog with my art . This is a blog about comic books and with comic books mostly made by me . I love comics , I eat comic books , I dream at comic books since I was a kid . Now I draw comic books…

I do all kind of stuff : I draw , I paint on all surface and in all techniques , I do stained glass windows and doors , Tiffany lamps . I love music and movies and I like to read .

Romanian artist, Adrian, lives and breathes comics. Adrian „Crisuadi” Crâşmaru – studied art, and has worked on scene décor, painting, graphics and stained glass windows.  In the last few years, he has worked on the scripts of several young writers, such as Martin John – “Dying for a meal” and “Music Box.” Most recently, he has worked with talented writer Kelly Bender on – “The Other Half “ and  “ What was once  yours is mine“.  The later was recently published in an anthology by Evil Moose Comics . Adrian’s first full comic,HANG LOW AIM HIGH, written by Kelly Bender is being released in November 2013.”

Chuck Amadori