• „Music Box” is a short story based on the script of  Martin John . Based on my drawing samples , Martin decides to send me the script .

2 copy



















  • „Dying for a meal” is the second story done with Martin John .




















  • „The Other Half” is a beautiful story written by Kelly Bender , a super talented writer from Canada.

kelly copy mid tone adjusted CREDITS copy



















  • „What Was Once Yours Is Mine” a five pages western story by the same prolific Kelly Bender . This story is the my first published story in the anthology „Moose Crossing”.

cover copy
























































  • „Hang Low Aim High” a super classy western story! Writer : Kelly Bender . (In Progress)

cover version 2 hlah





















Final Cover H.Lweb




















  • „Curriculum” , a very nice and interesting project of a young and talented writer Wes Locher . The story will be on line this week I guess at .

Page 5 - curr. re




















  • Xibalba” another strange and beautiful western story written by Chuck Amadori . I’ll do just the inks and the colors will be done by super colorist Nimesh Morarji . I’ll start working at this project right after I’ll finish „Hang Low…”

mescal copy VERSION 1